Thursday, January 13, 2011

Holy stress levels, Batman!

Well classes have officially begun as of January 10th. Of course the majority of our classmates on the Facebook group are nice and freaked out, but hopefully things will calm down once we all get into the swing of things. 

I took one of this week's exams in pathophysiology yesterday. It was in acid-base imbalances, and thankfully I aced it.  It did help that it was open book, but I'm pretty proud of myself anyway because I was able to pick the correct answers, Haha!

One thing I picked up on pretty quickly is the amount of reading we have to do each week. It is a TON.  I am so glad that I didn't try to register for 3 classes this term...I think the readings alone would have killed me!

As excited as I am about finally starting my courses again, I have a very much unwanted added stressor.  One benefit that my employer offers is tuition reimbursement, which is fantastic, however even though I had it all finalized...the HR rep sent me an email last week saying she needed a form for the school to fill out before they could remit payment.  Well that was accomplished quickly enough, but then fast forward a week of me calling and pretty much stalking the woman until I finally got ahold of her supervisor, and then she finally decided to return my phone call.  So now the payment won't be sent out for another week or so due to "processing."    Too bad the tuition is due the 15th and if my school doesn't receive payment by that time I will be suspended.  Reinstation isn't such a huge issue, but that means I can't turn in any assignments or complete any exams during that I get hit with a late fee.

Needless to say, I'm freaked out.  I've sent a few emails to my school's financial advisor trying to get an extension. We'll see what she has to say. :(

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  1. UGH, that is really stressful to deal with, even more so on the first week of classes! =/ I hope it all gets worked out very soon.

    Yeah I agree about the readings - so glad I'm part-time. I'm in the group of freaked out people, but I hope it gets better. :)