Thursday, November 11, 2010

A reading from a friend

A friend of mine gave me a tarot reading today, and I wanted to share it.  Even if you don't necessarily believe in oracle readings, it's still a neat read :)

Here it is:

Is this the proper profession for Ginny?

The Eyes of Beauty
positive expectations, clarity

This card wants you to know that your path is right on track. You were supposed to be a nurse first to lead you here! If you have anxiety or had anxiety about making a switch, understand that this change is supposed to be 

How will this schooling/profession benefit Ginny?
The Ringmaster of Scrutiny
discernment, clear vision, details

You will learn much. You will become overwhelmed and may think you'll never get to the end but you will. Each thing you learn, take it as a blessing! You're more knowledgeable and one step closer to your goal, celebrate all those small victories and don't focus ONLY on the end result!

What struggles will Ginny encounter?
The Resting Tree
patience, stillness

This card is a repeat of card #2. Don't overwhelm yourself!!! Take it one step at a time, enjoy the schooling and the learning and the new experiences. You have to embrace this time in school and learn and love it to get to the end result 

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