Sunday, March 20, 2011


I've done it! I've successfully completed my first term in graduate school, and I didn't even end up in the mental asylum! (I did find a couple gray hairs, but we'll address that on another day... ;)

These last few days have been a complete blur with me scrambling to get things finished.  Today I spent several hours camped out in the bedroom churning out a 9 page paper for my History of Nurse-Midwifery class. At this point I don't even care if I get a bad great on it, I'm just so happy to be finished.

Now I get to enjoy 2 whole weeks before starting it up again.  The next term's classes are Decision Making in Health Assessment and Theories in Advanced Primary Care Nursing....and I just bought the required 5* books. Ugh.

* There are actually 6 required books, but the other one is an APA manual.  I'm not buying it because I already own 2 of them and have the PERRLA I really don't feel like cluttering up my bookcase with another book. I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell on me. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm finished with Pathophys!

It seems so surreal that I have (successfully) completed my first graduate-level pathophysiology no less! At this point I have taken 3 courses in this subject alone...and it is by far one of the most difficult ones for me.   Not only that, but I was 1 point away from an A too!  I refuse to be discouraged about my grade, because I am absolutely flabbergasted that I was able to get through it successfully without going completely insane!!!

Today alone I took 3 exams, listened to a 71 minute long lecture, wrote a paper and completed a homework assignment.  If only I was able to plow through like this all term I may have been able to finish it sooner!  Well, no not really because I still had to listen to her lectures as she put them up...oh well.

I AM SO RELIEVED TO BE DONE! (with pathophys...I still have to write 2 papers for my History of Nurse-Midwifery course...which shall be completed by this weekend)


Go, Go, Go!

I completed a homework assignment and an exam during Allie's nap today! (oh and took a was definitely a necessity)

Now I only have 1 exam and 3 homework assignments (1 large and 2 small papers) to go. I can do this!

Go, Go, Go!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

A couple of thoughts...

I have two reflections to post about:

1) I am utterly sick and tired of typing out the etiology, pathophysiology and clinical manifestations of various disorders. Seriously.

2) I just realized that I have 2 weeks to complete 4 exams, 2 homework assignments and 3 papers.  Will I be successful??  Time will tell! (insert *goingcrazy* emoticon here)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Exams, Exams and more Exams!

I had a minor nervous breakdown the other day for multiple reasons, but one being because of school.  I'm finding it more difficult to set aside homework time than I was hoping it would be, which really shouldn't be any surprise when you think that our household has 2 adults working full-time with both in school part-time and a little monkey who's main goal in life seems to be to completely destroy this house ;)    Oh, and let's not forget the minor fact that we are also trying to get said house ready to put on the market!  (which brings in an additional set of complications)

Anyway, I started this week off being 2 weeks behind in patho since I had taken some time off of that to devote all my time to a paper due in the history course.  Thankfully I was able to take one exam on Sunday and have gotten prepared to take another exam tonight (Wednesday) and that will bring me up to speed. Then I can start working on this week's homework ;)


I'll be so glad when I am finished with Pathophysiology.  It is by far the most difficult subject for me.  Next term I will be taking courses in Nursing Theory and Decision Making.  Not specifically midwifery related, but oh well.  Hopefully they won't be too difficult.  I think I get something like a week and a half off between these two terms, but I'll have to double-check.  Not much of a break....