Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Ugh, these last couple of weeks have been a complete blur.   I came down with the norovirus and a bad URI/influenza/plague that knocked me off of my feet for a couple days. Then of course Allie came down with it and had a fever for several days, which one time resulted in us taking her to the hospital because it was 105.1 rectally. Then she continued to have the coughing/sneezing/wheezing nonsense and was just overall not a happy camper. Pretty stressful time for the Bowers fam.

Of course I tried to continue to keep up with my homework and so I took an exam in Pathophysiology (Exam 1b).  Which I failed. Hard.   That resulted in a couple conversations with my instructor and advisor, and then I had to fill out a student learning plan basically outlining what the problem was and my plan to fix it.   Fun times all around.

So now I've been working on the study guide for Exam 2 for two weeks now and I'm scared to take the exam for fear that I will fail again.  My self-esteem is pretty much shot with this class, even though I got a 96 on the first exam. (Seriously, who follows up a 96 with a failure?)

So that's where I am now. Oh and my midwifery class?  Haven't thought about that in almost 2 weeks because of Pathophysiology! ;)

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  1. I can relate....."my self-esteem is pretty much shot" is what I've been feeling - both with Patho and my job search. =/

    I'm sorry that you've had a rough couple of weeks. =/ I really hope this next exam goes better for you.