Friday, February 11, 2011

Passed Exam 2

I passed Exam 2 after stressing out about it for two weeks. I am so glad that is over with!  I've also already taken the open book exam covering chapters 44 and 45, which luckily I did well in. Now to move forward and prepare for Exams 3a and 3b...only 6 more exams and a few homeworks to go and I'll be finished with this class.

At some point I really need to work on my Midwifery paper or my partner is going to beat me.  Perhaps I'll do that tonight or tomorrow after Andrew comes home.

Ugh. Remind me why I thought going to grad school was a good idea :S

Disclaimer: After having my brain melt over school, I have apparently lost the ability to form proper sentences and follow grammatical rules.  You're stuck with this because I am too tired to change it ;)


  1. Good job!

    Yeah, for the theory class, we had a person in my group of three who did 3 class assignments during the first week of school. He would let us do some work but then turn in what he had written. He didn't know APA and apparently English grammar so it was even more frustrating when my name was on something that I did not do. It was one of the most frustrating school experiences I have ever had. Hopefully your group work will go better. Good luck! :)

  2. I think I would completely lose it if I were in that situation!