Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm finished with Pathophys!

It seems so surreal that I have (successfully) completed my first graduate-level pathophysiology no less! At this point I have taken 3 courses in this subject alone...and it is by far one of the most difficult ones for me.   Not only that, but I was 1 point away from an A too!  I refuse to be discouraged about my grade, because I am absolutely flabbergasted that I was able to get through it successfully without going completely insane!!!

Today alone I took 3 exams, listened to a 71 minute long lecture, wrote a paper and completed a homework assignment.  If only I was able to plow through like this all term I may have been able to finish it sooner!  Well, no not really because I still had to listen to her lectures as she put them up...oh well.

I AM SO RELIEVED TO BE DONE! (with pathophys...I still have to write 2 papers for my History of Nurse-Midwifery course...which shall be completed by this weekend)


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